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Hi! I’m Shikhar and I am mostly known for my Landscape & Travel photography. Though, I equally like to shoot portraits & streets.

I have always been intrigued by photography. Right from childhood, capturing and recording moments fascinated me. In fact, it was my constant prodding that brought the first camera into my family. I was only 12 when I negotiated a camera with my father for an academic achievement. Those were the days when photography had a recurring cost attached to it and every click meant some money spent. With the limited pocket money that I got, one could hardly be innovative and experimental. But I exploited every opportunity to click. I don’t figure in childhood albums as I was always behind the lens. It was not until I bought my first DSLR in 2011, that I started to click extensively. In the meantime, I kept reading about the technical aspects of the art & inspirations from around the world.

I do not dependent on photography for a living. I am a working professional based in New Delhi, India. Along with my profession, I manage this passion of mine. It started with curiosity, but with appreciation from amateurs and experts alike, it grew on me.

Not bound by strict rules, but my photography style prefers candid over staged; natural over manipulated and expression over impression. You may check my work here or follow my social media profiles: facebook profile/page, flickr, instagram, twitter.

My blog captures my experiences and my learning gathered over the years of numerous travels.

Besides photography, I love playing football & listening to the great Nusrat.