How I achieved my New Year resolution 2016 2

I would have never got the courage to click this image had I not taken the 2016 resolution. 🙂 Its 31st December 2016, and I have cracked my 2016 resolution. Some of my friends wanted me to share how I was able to achieve it. Sounded like some secret recipe initially, but then I realised how I had failed so many […]

Dream Journey – pre-approval vs post-approval 2

While making portraits on street, most of us are generally caught between two approaches – pre-approval from the subject or post click approval. The school of thought batting for the former, bases its argument upon ethics. That it is poor manners and bad social behaviour to intrude into one’s personal space or simply claim one’s private moments as […]

Shining Bright – hesitation to take camera out 12

    This is a turning-point image of my learning curve. This image was the first step towards being comfortable in clicking in public. I fought a few mind blocks in executing this one. In my head, I was fighting the hesitation to take camera out with a fear of being tagged a pretentious tourist or an overwhelmed […]