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I would have never got the courage to click this image had IĀ not taken the 2016 resolution. šŸ™‚

Its 31st December 2016, and I have cracked my 2016 resolution. SomeĀ of my friendsĀ wanted me to share how I was able to achieve it. Sounded like some secret recipe initially, but then I realised how I had failed so many times earlier. Just like everyone else I was finding it difficult too.Ā There were so many new year resolutions and birthday resolutions and post exam result resolutions that I would just forget post a week or so.

All that while, I knew the plans were awesome, just that the execution was a miss. šŸ˜€ Well, what good is a plan without it ending up inĀ any practical form.

So this time in order to ensure execution, I decided to up the stakes. I posted it over social media (here) &Ā in my all WhatsApp groups, while the emotions were still running high. In my head, these were the people who wouldĀ taunt me if IĀ phased out. Public shame is a terribleĀ fear &Ā an awesome motivator.

Second, I very carefully chalked my resolution out. General statements like Lose weight, hit the gym, be more positive, read more books, be a better photographer etc don’t work because theĀ progress can simply not be monitored. You can’t improve what you can’t monitor. I was clear that the resolution gotĀ to be quantified. MoreĀ like 30 inch waist, or 70 KGs weight orĀ 5Ā paintings or 25 blogs etc..

So my 2016Ā resolution was actually three parts:

  1. Waking up at 6 ā€“ I used to wake up early back in my school days and in my college, but got lazy with age (around 7:30/8:00 am). Blame it on the late nights at office or pursuing my passion of photography if at all I came early. I somehow found a reason to sleep late.
  2. 20 books ā€“ Learning by interactions rather than reading books had been my way of life. Where it helped me get to understand things in a much wider perspective, I lost on language & focused learning. Made me feel I must start reading, again.
  3. 100 strangers ā€“ I had been clicking photographs for good 4 years. I could replicate on print what i visualised while clicking, considered as one of the important milestones. But there was one thing that I wanted to achieve for a long time. i.e.: be able to click strangers on the streets (inspired by Thomas Leuthard).Ā I was stealing moments while trying to be invisible,Ā till then.

While you can check month wise update on my fb post, I must mention here that waking up at 6 is a norm now. I generally sleep by 10:30 PM.Ā This simple schedule correction has changed how I feel about myself & how I lead my life. The 20 books that IĀ read, can be seenĀ here. And the progress on 100 strangers isĀ here.

Hope this post helped you in some way.

Its New Years eve,Ā Happy New Year. Time for another resolution?Ā šŸ™‚


P.S.: Month wise updates on my facebook post are till June. In July, I was down with Chicken pox &Ā that broke the routineĀ of posting monthly updates. After getting back to normal, I never felt that I need an external push to keep the resolutions going, so stopped.

Its now, thatĀ IĀ feel it wasĀ a little selfish act, hence this blog. My attempt to give back and inspire the next. šŸ™‚

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