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This is a turning-point image of my learning curve.

This image was the first step towards being comfortable in clicking in public. I fought a few mind blocks in executing this one. In my head, I was fighting the hesitation to take camera out with a fear of being tagged a pretentious tourist or an overwhelmed novice flier. Now, when I look back, I laugh about it. Learnings are all about situations one fights and emerges confident.

This private jet was parked at a hanger at the Delhi airport; I went past it while in the shuttle bus between the port and the craft. It stood close to the craft I was supposed to board. Prompted by an urge to click it, I was the last to get out of the bus. It was intentional, as I needed sufficient time to compose and take the exposure (actually, time only to gather courage 😀 ). The bright afternoon sun perfectly lit it from the top, giving it a stark contrast and the highlights showcasing the contours. My head could visualize the end result already, but hands refused to leave my pockets. The queue was getting shorter as the airline staff carried out the final boarding checks. Time was running out and I still had to fight my mental blocks. Thankfully, I eventually got over the imaginary stares & the judgments. I took my camera out, composed my shot, a few clicks and the task was over.

Happy that I actually made it!

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